C# Getting Started

Before we begin with C sharp, C#  programming, let’s talk about what is C# and .NET Framework. C# is an object oriented programming language that enables developers to make various type of desktop, web or mobile applications using .NET Framework library.

.NET Framework is a software framework developed by a Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library known as Framework Class Library and provides a language interoperability. Programs written for .NET Framework execute in a environment known as a Common Language Runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine that provides services such as security, memory management, and exception handling.

Here’s the basic structure of console application in C# :

using system; //namespace declaration

class test
 public static void main()
   Console.WriteLine("This is a sample program");

In the above application, the first line “using system” indicates that program is using System namespace. So, what is namespace? Namespace is a collection of classes, structs, enums, interfaces and delegates. Namespace are usually used to organize the project and distinguish classes with same name.

Create a C# Console Application

Let’s create a console application. Open a visual studio 2013 and click on File at the top. Select a new project and select console application. Give a name to console application and click Ok button.

console application create

After clicking ok, the following files are automatically created by visual studio.

console application code

Reading and Writing to C# Console Application

Let’s start with reading and writing to console.

We can read an user input in console by using these static methods: Console.Read(), Console.ReadLine() and Console.ReadKey(). Each of them has their own purpose:

1. Console.Read() : this method accept character and returns each value as an integer until zero is reached which signifies the end of user’s input 2. Console.ReadLine() : this method accept string and returns string after Enter key is pressed 3. Console.ReadKey() : this method accept character and returns ASCII value of character

There are two ways to writing in a console. They are: 1. Placeholder syntax 2. Concatenation

Placeholder syntax is the preferred way to write in the console. We using following static methods to write in the console.

1. Console.Write() : these method renders text in the same line on the console window 2. Console.WriteLine() : these method renders the text in new line

Here’s a sample program which demonstrates read and write to the console.

using System;
class test
 static void main()	
   Console.WriteLine(“Enter your name:”);
   string username = Console.ReadLine(); //reads the name entered by user
   Console.WriteLine(“Username is ”+username); //concatenation	
   Console.WriteLine(“Username is {0}. Hello {0}”, username);//Placeholder syntax

Run the console application by pressing Ctrl + F5 key. In the console window, the text “Enter your name: ” is rendered . After you type your name in console window and pressed Enter key, you will get following output.


Username is Sachit
Username is Sachit. Hello Sachit

In next part, we will discuss about C# Built In Type and Common Operators.