Create simple Magento product programmatically

Magento has a great backend to add different types of product such as configurable, bundle, etc. But there are cases when you need to import products into Magento programmatically or manually. For example, you have a list of products in CSV format and you need to bulk import all of those products.

Magento Tips and Tricks

Export Guest customers in Magento 1.*

There are times when you want to promote your products to a guest customer. You might want to send newsletters or promos to a guest customer to bring them back and buy your products or for marketing campaigns. But Magento doesn’t provide any way to export guest customer from admin panel. So, we will learn […]


WooCommerce shortcodes you definitely need to know

With over 15 million downloads on, WooCommerce is the popular e-commerce plugin among WordPress community. If you’re developing theme for WooCommerce, there are few shortcodes that might help you in theme development. Here are our list of  WooCommerce shortcodes, you might not be aware of but definitely need to know for better theme customization.